Why I am your Goddess

(A little piece i just wrote on why i love being a Goddess to my submissive.)

Goddess is not merely a title for me,
It is a word that embodies what I am,

It repressents my overwhelming femininity
My sexual liberation and power
My utter control.

In so many ways I am your belief, your faith and your everything.

I get inside your head and become completely Omniscient
There is nothing that you can hide from my all seeing eyes
Your every fear, thrill and fantasy are mine to study and enjoy.

I fill your every thought with me and become Omnipresent,
I am you at every struggle and success that you experience in your life
Regardless of how many miles apart we might be, you feel my presence and hold over you.

I pull you down to your knees and I am Omnipotent
I am all powerful over your body, your thoughts and your emotions
You are overwhelmed by my tight hold over you.

I have become the one being that can control you, teach you, use you, love you and care for you.
I have placed you in the palm of my hand to use for my enjoyment, Your faith is mine to choose.

And so you see I truly am your Goddess, an all-powerful woman
And down at my feet you will always be to worship, serve and obey.





Sleep Assault!

I decided i’d add a story that i have written about my love of sleep assault/ consensual non-consensual… enjoy!
If you’d like to re-post it anywhere please credit me Kate or even link to my blog!

I had waited for the right moment, the day i knew that he would not know what he had coming!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun was streaming in through the curtains. It just made me feel so wide awake and ready to take on anything! I knew he would be tiered today, he’d had a hard week at work and was obviously desperate to get a little extra sleep. This was perfect as i knew it would be very hard to wake him! I’d made sure he had fallen asleep naked, i wanted to have easy access to every last bit of him!
I started to prepare, i put on my make up, did my hair and slipped into an amazing skin tight black negligee, seemed stockings and my silk robe.  I feel so sexy and powerful in them, the way they cling my curvy figure however leave so much to the imagination!

Yes, this is of me!

I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs, four pad locks, a thick leather collar and four pairs of handcuffs. I knew i’d have to do it so carefully as to not wake him! Firstly i connected each leather cuff to a hand cuff that i then secured to each corner of my metal framed bed. Next i started to attached them to his ankles. I lifted the covers gently and placed them on his ankles so carefully, placing a padlock onto each. Next i cuddled up next to him in the bed, he briefly rubbed his head against my arm, half a sleep and unaware of what i had planned for him! I held his hands and placed the cuffs on, making him believe i was simply rubbing his arm affectionately. Then click, the last padlock was locked in place.

I ran my hand so gently down his side, all the way from his shoulder to his thigh  He shuddered and started to open his eyes sleepily. He went to move his arm and all of a sudden his eyes shot open, with panic spreading rapidly across his face…he was thoroughly trapped! He looked at the cuffs and hand cuffs, they were thick leather and padlocked closed with a set of heavy duty padlocks that also required a key, there was no way he could escape these.
“Looking for something?” i said teasingly, swinging a loop keys to the various locks on the tip of my finger. Again i ran my hands down his sides, he squirmed with the unbearable tickling sensation. I reach over and place the collar on his neck and tied it tight. Then i slip my finger into the loop on the front of it and pull his head up off the bed.
“You must feel so trapped”, I mock, “And with your collar on your like my own little puppet that i can pull about and make move at my will, i can show you exactly what to do right down to the tiniest move!” Again i run my hands over him, this time over his chest and his nipples right down past his waist and glide my hands down the insides of his spread legs. He groans with a mixture of pleasure and due to the overwhelming sensation. “Please stop Kate, it’s too unbearable when i am tied up like this!” I look him in the eye sternly and say “Well of course it is, here you can have the keys”. I reach over and place one of the keys on loop in-between his teeth, he holds them there nervously.  “Oooh no, can you not untie your self like that? Well they’ll keep you quiet at least wont they?” I mock sarcastically. And so i continue to tease him, running my hands all over his body, making him writhe and wriggle, completely overwhelmed by the sensation of me touching him like this, making him feel so vulnerable with his arms and legs spread apart, helpless!
I’ve not even touched his cock but it’s already throbbing and dripping feeling my touch his trembling body and also by feeling my power and control over him!

I lean forward and press my body against him, i feel so strong and warm wrapping my legs tightly around him. I slide my body upwards, brushing against his whole body. He shudders, i can tell exactly how excited the anticipation is making him! I take the keys out from between his teeth and he lets out a sigh of relief. “I was stupid to complain about this being unbearable he murmurs meekly,  i should of just told you how grateful i am to have you using me and controlling me”.
I laugh and pull a cruel grin, “Yes you should of,” i remark, “You are only here for my amusement and for me to use as my own living and breathing sex doll, designed to please myself with! I am so strong, sexy, beautiful, intelligent and so much more sexually superior and experienced than you will ever be!” He recoils at first, unsure of how this makes him feel. Then he looks towards me and shows me a coy smile . “You are right Kate,” he admits  ” That is why i am always so excited handing my body and mind over to you, i feel so lucky.”

Me and my beautiful new boots!

I put my leg over him and rub my body once again against him, i can tell he thinks i’m going to fuck him, how very optimistic of him i think to myself! I feel so powerful with him helpless underneath me, unable to  do anything unless i allow him to. I kneel either side of his head, resting my calves over his arms to further hold him down. Then i grab his collar and pull his face upwards and lower myself down onto his face, burring his face deep between my legs. He is so eager to please me and yet so nervous, twitching about underneath me in pure excitement and ecstasy.
I glance at him and look deep into his eyes, “See, doesn’t it feel so good to be used by me, to please me and most of all to belong to me! Your going to be trapped here for as long as it takes to make me fully satisfied, you have no other option, you are mine in every way!”