Definition of Feminization/ Sissification

I thought I’d write an article about feminization and sissification, however to begin I’ll write a definition of what this is for anyone new to the term.


Feminization/Sissification are both terms that are used to describe the transition of gender role for a male submissive, usually enforced by a sexually dominate person. This can involve a number of practices such as cross dressing, wearing female accessories and jewellery, using make up, taking on female mannerisms (such as a feminine walk, voice or gestures) and participating in typically female activities such as shopping trips, make up lessons and etiquette lessons.

To further emasculate the individual embarrassing tasks may be set such as preforming dances, worshipping their dominant, being spanked, being given a female name and servile activities in which they serve their dominant.
Gender role reversal may also occur during sexual activities, with the male receiving anal sex, sex toys, orgasm control, chastity devices or preforming oral sex upon their partner.  All of which are extremely submissive sexual activities. Feminization is not to be confused with male to female transgender, which is a person who was assigned a sex at birth based on their genitals, but who feel that this is a false or incomplete description of themselves and wish to change their physical gender due to the emotional, psychological and social effects of their gender identity. This is a decision made by an individual and is not part of a sexual practise, such the one described above.