Definition of Financial Domination

A quick definition of Financial Domination:

Paying money or a tribute (a gift) as instructed by a Dominant by a submissive.This is a control technique and often ties into black mail fetishes. During blackmail fetishes a submissive is forced to pay tribute to a Dominant or bear the consequences (such as releasing pictures or information about their submission to people unaware of it in their private life).  The submissive tributes the dominant of his own volition and will not expect anything in return, however the Dominant may choose to humiliate and mock the submissive for being so obedient and eager to please.  This may be done regularly or on request when the Dominant instructs them too, or a submissive may even fully financial support a Dominant  (paying for all meals out, clothes, furniture, luxury items ect.) A submissive does this as they want their Dominant to live like royalty, having the best things in life., therefore it is a way of worshipping them. 


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